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Director/Lead Teacher: Mrs. Cindy Roma

Music Teacher: Mrs. Cindy Roma

Spanish Teacher: Mrs. Carol Gehman

Four-Year-Old Teacher: Mrs. Carol Gehman

Three-Year-Old Teacher: Mrs. Cindy Roma

Play & Learn Teacher - Thursday: Mrs. Jill Hendricks

Play & Learn Teacher - Friday: Mrs. Cindy Roma

Four-Year-Old Classroom Assistant: Mrs. Beth LaSalle

Three-Year-Old Classroom Assistant: Mrs. Beth LaSalle

Play & Learn Aide - Thursday: Miss Audrey Longacre

Play & Learn Aide - Friday: Miss Audrey Longacre

Board of Directors:

Mrs. Cindy Roma - Director/Head Teacher

Mrs. Kathryn Schoenly - Chair

Mrs. Kathy Bauman - Secretary

Mrs. Connie Jones - Treasurer

Miss Riley Janiuk

Mrs. Angela McGovern

Mr. James B. Longacre - Counsel to the Board

About our staff:

Mrs. Cindy Roma

Mrs. Roma holds a bachelor’s degree in elementary education with a concentration in early childhood education from Shippensburg University as well as a master’s degree in elementary education from Kutztown University. She taught pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and second grade in the Pottstown School District for eight years. She has been working at BCP since 2009.

Mrs. Carol Gehman

Mrs. Gehman has a bachelor’s degree from Messiah College in early childhood education and a bachelor’s degree from Kutztown University in elementary education. She taught in the Bethlehem School District for three years and home educated her three children. She has been working at BCP since 2007.

A certified teacher and an aide conducts each class.

Bally Community Preschool is accountable to its Board of Directors who reports regularly to the Bally Mennonite Church’s Church Council.

Download and print our three- and four-year-old class application form.

PO Box 498 Bally, PA 19503 phone: 610-845-1600
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