My son had a wonderful experience at BCPS. Not only did he leave the program ready for kindergarten (he was even reading!) but he also made true friendships. At the same time, my husband and I appreciated the professional conduct of the teachers at BCPS. We do not belong to the Mennonite Church, but we could see that Mennonite values--faith, respect, and christian love--influence the interactions between the staff and the students. My son spent three years in the program, with three different teachers, and each was truly excellent.
Colleen Krum

BCP has been a great Preschool for my son for the past 2 years. He has learned so much and really matured with the help of the great teachers and staff. BCP has been a very important start to our child's early learning education.
Karen Soffa

I have the pleasure of saying that both my children attended BCP. They were enrolled in both the 3 and 4 year old class. My husband and I could not of been happier with the school, its curriculum and the staff. Both my children left BCP more then ready for Kindergarten. My son is finishing up his first grade year and we are more then certain that BCP helped him to be over and beyond prepared for school. He started out his Kindergarten year ahead of the game. My daughter is starting Kindergarten in the fall and she is also very prepared. We can not thank BCP enough for all that they have done for our children.
Bridgette and Chris Wise

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